November Sales!!

  1. It's the count down to the november sale and I could not be more excited...
    If you are as thrilled about a Gucci sale as me... post here!
    What do you hope to buy / find and more importantly what do end up purchasing?
  2. When does it start.. I am a Gucci-virgin but i think I might check out the sale...
  3. AHHH Can you tell me which bags are going on sale..i've been to the website but it doesn't say which ones go on sale..
  4. i actually called my gucci store and they said they would be having a DECEMBER sale and not a November sale...weird...and he doesn't know what pieces will be going on sale either....
  5. i thought it was december
  6. so is it november or december sale?!!

    and will it be in stores or online???
  7. Sale will be both in store and online. Be sure to go early during the pre-sale since most popular items get sold out early. Also, I believe it is final sale, no return. I thought the sale is also in December...
  8. Maybe it is december?
    I was told it is 30% canvas and 40% off leather... only seasonal bags though.
    Do they normally have belts on sale too?
    I am hoping that the latest positano (gold scarf detail) will go on sale. There are still a few in my local gucci... hope that style does not carry over... hope it goes on sale!!
  9. last season... fall winter collection in US i think??? someone correct me if I am wrong....
    What are you thinking of buying???
  10. The sale is in November..usually the first week or so...Sometimes, the SA's can be a little elusive when they are speaking to unknown customers( It is a luxury brand after all and information about the sales being broadcast to the general public is probably not seen as a "boost" to the brand's standing !)

    I bought some great things last time but the winter sale is not as good as the summer sale, so I am not optimistic...I cannot predict what I want to buy because the items I want always get labeled as "classic" at the end of the season and never go on sale!!!:tdown::tdown::tdown::cursing:
  11. Ooohhh I can't wait!
  12. So Should I just go in the store and ask them PERSONALLY?? Or go on Nov. 1st? hehe
  13. i want the medium britt tote w/double handles and removable shoulder straps in black leather!!!! i seriously doubt it will go on sale, its listed as "classic" grrrrrr!! $1895 w/ 40% off (-795) = $1100 ~~~ ahhh i WISH!!! lolz
  14. I have done so many sums in my head too i am starting to get a headache...!!! I went to gucci and my lady told me december... but I kept poking at her (she knows me too well) and she told me to call the store and "check" in the next couple of weeks... so maybe it is start - mid?
  15. I highly doubt that positiano will go on sale... Yes belts are on sale too, shoes, ties, everything pretty much (except classics of course). The sale goes from Nov to Dec. Usually starts in Nov. Same as the pre-sale.