November PCE?

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  1. I just got a PCE card in the mail. Monday actually. It is for 11/10-18th at the Boutique stores only. Although they way they phrased it was "Full price stores".

    Anyone else get one of these?
  2. but am excited at the prospect of pce in November...:graucho:
  3. No I hope I get one : )
  4. I also got a call from (I assume) Jacksonville yesterday afternoon, letting me know that I'm invited to get 25% at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood Washington. The only reason I assume it was from JAX is because the lady that I talked to had a thick southern accent. Much more common in JAX, not so common in Washington State.

    I told her, thanks, that I already knew because I had gotten the card in the mail the day before.

    I was dying to post this information for the last two days while tPF was migrating to the new servers.
  5. moving to PCE Forum . . . .
  6. That's how I got my invite too...some guy named William, who obviously works at Jax because he kind of stumbled over the words and said I could attend the event at my local "full-price" store.

    BTW...this is my VERY FIRST PCE INVITE...and I don't care if it's on the phone, my mail or carrier's cool just to finally be a part of the club :P

    Now, if I can just convince DH to let me off my ban, just this one teeny, tiny time...
  7. I got one on monday too and i'm so excited.