November PCE vs December PCE

  1. Hey fellow pce shoppers, I just got off the phone with my Coach manager SA and he told me that this pce running right now till the 18th was a last minute decision and cards went out to those who shop at factory stores (which explains why my sis got one and not me). They are testing the waters to see if they can get those shoppers to move over to the full price stores. They also will have a regular PCE in December, so don't fret if you didn't get a card yet.

    Oh and if this has been posted already, sorry. I have been so busy lately that I haven't been on here as much. ;)
  2. They did something similar during last PCE (but it was during the normal PCE sale). The normal boutique PCE customers received vertical cards and the outlet customers received horizontal cards (or vice versa, can't remember). This is just kind of stinky that the "true" boutique customers are shut out (although my wonderful SA honored the discount for me today...)
  3. I know a lot of people are upset about not getting this PCE, but if they're going to be getting one in a few weeks, what makes the difference? Thanks for clearing this up though. Hopefully the people who didn't get one now will be getting one for December.
  4. A friend of mine brought up one interesting point about the regular boutique buyers getting cards later than outlet shoppers. Some items are limited in quantity and while there isn't a huge probability that these items will sell out, it is going to be annoying if some items do sell out and outlet shoppers got first dibs over these items rather than loyal boutique customers. KWIM? I do hope that lots of gals get them that haven't gotten them before. I know it's hard to feel left out when you are loyal to the brand too.
  5. Thanks for the info, Spacytracy! I shop from both places, their Boutiques and Factory Outlets and I didn't get their November PCE and still haven't received any regular December PCE's either. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get one for December this year.
  6. You make an excellent point. I am affraid a very LE item I want will be gone by the next PCE event. I will just have my fingers crossed it does not sell out.
  7. I would suggest calling your boutique and inquiring about honoring the discount. My SA agreed to extend the discount without even asking. I just casually mentioned that I was surfing eBay and noticed a ton of discount cards for a sale this weekend, and she offered it up. Never hurts to ask... Good luck!
  8. I've shopped at both the boutiques and factories and I received a November PCE card. I'm super excited for it, too.

    I think that it's a fantastic idea that Coach decided to give factory shoppers a PCE card. Why? The bags in factories are mostly older styles. It gives the loyal factory shoppers who have been stuck with older styles a chance to get something newer than what they're used to.

    I'll be going on Tuesday to get a Bleecker and probably another Carly - one for immediate use, one as a Christmas gift from my grandmother.
  9. Someone else brought this point up and I think it's a valid concern. They're sending cards to loyal outlet shoppers this time and there seems to be a plethora of the cards on eBay. Why? Many of the most loyal outlet shoppers are eBay sellers.

    So essentially Coach may be helping to fuel ebay by giving sellers a 25% discount off of the hottest LE holiday items.
  10. What is the difference between the November PCE and the December PCE?
  11. Well I wondered why I didn't get a Nov? But I've spent MORE this past year at the Outlet than at the Coach store and I still didn't get one. :wtf:
  12. This whole PCE thing is NOT FAIRF!!! I've been shopping at both stores and didn't get a card and I didn't get a card at the last PCE either. So I had to resort to Ebay to get a discount card because they wouldn't give me the damn discount at the store even though I've been shopping at the boutique. Coach has definately been pissing me off but I still love their purses!!! :cursing::love:
  13. My SA wouldn't give me the discount, I was told that I didn't get this card because I was on their list to get the regular one, and that Coach was being very strict about it, that's why I couldn't get it. It's odd, though, because I spend way more at the outlet than at the boutique.
  14. The PCE in Nov was sent out to outlet shoppers and the Dec PCE is for Coach store preferred customers.
  15. I have only bought 1 bag at the Coach store and that was with the Nov. PCE. Do you think I qualify to get a card from the store in Dec? If not how many do you have to buy to get one? Just a thought.:shrugs: