November Houston Meet Up

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  1. Hi ladies, I was in LV this weekend and had a chance to chat about our next meet-up. Unfortunately, we can't have a private event in the store until after Valentine's Day. They have to get through the opening, holidays, and then V-day. It was a little disappointing. But hey- what can we do...

    Well, we can still meet-up. We said that November would be the month. So, if anyone is interested in meeting up for a little shopping and brunch, let me know. We can check out the new store and socialize.

    I'm thinking of checking out LV's shoes. Ballet flats. Yikes! I hope this doesn't become a "need." Lol!
  2. I'm done to meet up but your girl is on a serious :banned:...Let me know it would be fun:smile:
  3. How did I not see this??!!

  4. Hey there, it's time for our 2015 meetup. Please check the newest thread.
  5. I would love to meet up with my friends from the PF but I moved from sugar land tx years ago ! Sounds fun !
  6. I have never been to a meet up. I would love to join the group!