November/December YSL SALES: post ALL news and tips here!

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  1. oh btw..adoptastray,

    you're my YSL angel!!! I've found 2 bags through you! Thankksss!!
  2. Aaaaaaaack! You had me with this one! I'm so glad you got the bags! I spent about an hour on one day and 30 minutes today just calling some NM stores to see what they had left. So I've been posting on TPF some of the stuff I found. For myself, I found the crinkle black patent capri bucket (I love that bag--have it in berry), pewter besace and a black sloane bottega veneta :faint:.
  3. Oooooo, thanks cosmo. I've been waiting for this. Does anyone know if they do phone sales?
  4. off retail. I think my head would explode if it was 50% off the outlet prices.
  5. mine too! i was about to lose it......

  6. Congrats!!!:tup: Gosh...I was so eyeing that bag but I am sooo trying to be good and stick to my ban :crybaby:
    Post pics when u get it!
  7. Please let me know if anyone sees an Easy or small downtown or a Belle de Jour clutch for presale at NM. Thanks!
  8. Hi Adoptastray, what else does NM have left on sale?!?! Do you have any pictures?
  9. Any1 know if Muse Two medium size is still on sale anywhere??? tia
  10. Are there any Besaces on sale in NYC? And if so, do you know the price range? I would make a trek out to the stores, but I am cramped with work and don't want to go out unless it's a sure deal.
  11. Did you check at the outlets or the YSL stores? what colour were you after?
  12. The besace bags are down to 650ish at Neiman Marcus last call. But I think the northeast neiman locations don't begin last call until later in the month.
  13. I'm closing this November/December thread now, since we are now into January. I'm glad it was so popular, though, and I'm starting a new sticky at the top of the subforum to post YSL sales information. :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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