November/December YSL SALES: post ALL news and tips here!

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  1. Another Medium muse two in the "Miroslava" colorway at NM san diego Preselling for 2/3 off~approx $530. The store has the medium, Duma in the pics is always carrying the large. They also have a bronze besace. Ask for Diana.

    Neiman Marcus San Diego, CA
  2. Has anyone seen any medium downtowns at NM on sale?
  3. Has anyone seen the Besace bag in Croc embossed Anthracite/grey on sale anywhere? I called a few neiman's today and all they seem to have left is the purple or the gold. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  4. They're all gone. Unless someone returns one from before xmas.
  5. Any Y-Mails? Evening Chains in patent? Muse IIs in navy? Thank you!
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    Some wallets & pouches on sale from YSL, SF:

  7. off retail? or off sale price?:faint:
  8. Ohhh I like that red pouch!
  9. me too!
  10. Attention D.C.-area members: The Saks Jandel sale is this weekend.

    Please call 301-652-2250 with any questions.


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  11. What is that sale and can we phone in??????

    Oh and BTW, I scored small/medium Muse Two in patchwork blue and pink from NM from $551.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  12. I just called and they said that they don't have it and even if they did its not on sale??
  13. ok - just kidding

    I just called again and they do have it on sale and a lady called Rima? presaled it to me..

  14. congrats, it is gorgeous!!!! :woohoo:
  15. Thanks vinigrette!!

    This would be my 3rd YSL bag in 30 days!!! I might have to return one.. EEEEKKK
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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