November/December YSL SALES: post ALL news and tips here!

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  1. #661 Jan 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2009
    I ordered something on 12/23 I think and it showed up at my door on 12/31, I never received a shipping message or anything. I had sent them email regarding my order back on 12/23 and they didn't email back until today saying that they've been closed for the holiday until today. So hopefully you'll get your stuff and/or an email response soon!

  2. definitely get a hold of them
    I once ordered a bag from YSL, I was not home to sign for the UPS delivery, and it was returned to them
    I never would have known if I hadn't reached them - there was no communication
  3. Thanks ladies - I will continue to slog away and hope that my order arrives. Just frustrating.......why have an online arm and not be able to manage it.
  4. i was at the ysl store and they had tons of bags!! sorry im newbie ysl owner so i dont quite know all the style names yet.

    from what i remember...they had:

    -a medium size beige muse
    -lots of medium tributes in patent light blue, patent seafoam, black leather, silver, gold, white.
    -lots of large tributes in black
    -besace bags
    -canvas bags that have the paint drip in black, red, navy
    -majorelle in rose patent

    there were tons more. ;)
  5. Hi ekx012! Do you know if any of those bags were on sale? Also, were any of the tributes of the quilted croc variety? TIA!!
  6. yeah most of the bags were on sale...but i dont remember the prices. sorry!!

    there werent any croc tributes :sad:
  7. Do you remember how much the medium and large downtowns were?
  8. ^The bags at the outlet are now 50% off.

  9. I feel like they have no idea what they r doing. Valerie is especially clueless. Each time I have called to purhase a wallet, boots or a bag, she never knows the info. She says she will call back or send pics and she never does so I usually call back and ask for Michael. I have no idea why she always gets the phone.
  10. ^Wow, I've had great service and super fast shipping with Valerie at Cabazon.
  11. Medium muse two in the "Miroslava" colorway is sitting lonely on the Neiman Marcus Palo Alto sale table. Preselling for 2/3 off~approx $530. The store has the medium, Duma in the pics is always carrying the large.

    Neiman Marcus Palo Alto, CA

    getImage14.jpg ysl muse II lv leo scarf.jpg
  12. That's a great deal! I missed it again though.
  13. YSL Bal Harbour has Muse II in color combo blue/fushcia in both Medium $799 & Large $999 / 305-868-4424
  14. NM Boston has mini DT in red patent and in black croc embossed patent. Both at 2/3 off for last call. Preselling now. Good deal for a cute, cute bag.

    Neiman Marcus Boston, MA
  15. YSL besace in purple (eggplant?) preselling for an additional 50% off (selling tommorow) at NM san francisco for ~ around $724 with tax. Try to ask for Michelle

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