November/December YSL SALES: post ALL news and tips here!

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  1. It’s that time of year, the year-end sales are beginning. :wlae: Please post any information that you receive about sales at YSL boutiques—or about YSL bags that are on sale at major department stores like Saks, NM, or BG—in this thread.

    This means we’ll have one central repository for this information. Last year at this time, the YSL subforum had multiple sales threads with repetitive and/or conflicting information :tdown:, and I’d like to avoid that.

    (We still have this sticky at the top of the subforum: Great deals or rare finds of YSL items! That’s a good year-round place to post onetime finds at discount sites like BlueFly or Overstock, for instance.)

    Of course, if you buy a new YSL bag in the sales, don’t be shy about starting your own thread to reveal your bargain! :love:

    One more bit of advice: At sale time, it’s always a good idea to work the phones and call the YSL boutiques directly to get the most-accurate and up-to-date information about prices, inventory, start dates, etc. Here is a link to the YSL boutique phone numbers:

  2. Got a call from my SA Norma at Saks...has dark gray Downtowns (small and medium)on sale. Small was originally 1595 and will be going for 1116 excluding tax. Also has a blue patent Y-Mail clutch (TDF) for about $250. :faint:
  3. If anyone finds out the large Easy Y in black (retails for $1495 in the boutiques) goes on sale, PLEASE let me know! I would appreciate it so much. I have been dying for this bag and have been patiently holding out for the sales in case it does end up being marked down.

    Thank you so much!
  4. ysl bags on sale right now at Neiman Marcus website

    GO GO GO!!!

    ps if anyone has a lead a bout the tribute pumps (peep toe) i :love: you :smile:
  5. This is a two day sale only. Neiman Marcus in Chevy Chase MD/DC. These are my blackberry spy pics:

  6. Excellent spy pics, so tempting!!
  7. ^Yes, that's a lot of Majorelles and Besaces calling out to us!
  8. saw 1 baby besace in black at nyc Saks. also, saw a cracked gold muse in medium?
  9. Holy handbags, Batman!!!!! You're quite the spy!!!! I about fell over from all the YSL porn! LOL
  10. besace med. black on for $1326.50!
    brown croc besaces on NM for $1396.50!
    small Easy for presale at Nordstrom Denver in blue and yellow

    do you think we can wait for even better markdowns than 30% on these styles?
  11. Gawd chinsumo I am dying here. Great spy pics. I can just see you standing there in the Chevy Chase store trying to sneak pics while the busybody SAs hover nearby.... What did you think of the metallic silver Besace IRL?

    Wish I had some extra cash right now to grab some of these bags. But I've got a feeling the sales will continue throughout November and December. Lots of bargains to be had during the weeks ahead.
  12. oooo I would love that Y-mail clutch...could you share Norma's contact info?

  13. Cosmo, I was dying too! But, I had just come from the saks mens store and put some things on presale. The saks presale is 40% which is a lot better than the 30% 2 day thing that NM was having. I think we'll only continue to see huge percentage drops on bags, so it's definitely too early to buy, especially if you want to be smart about it.

    Also, I LOVE the silver volcano leather. I think it's TDF in real life. I wasn't sold on it when I saw it online, but I love it even more in person. They had a majorelle in the silver volcano leather too, and it looked amazing!
  14. I know, I know. I'm drawn to the silver Besace too, and on sale its even better. But the black Besace would be so much more practical, and I've already got a silver MJ.

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