>>November<< *Coach Buys*

  1. Heres to another month of Coach buys:tup:! WooHoooo:yahoo:!! September is here! Show us you hot new goods girls!!
    Happy September buying!
  2. You mean November?

  3. OMG!! WTF??:push: Leme' fix that!:nogood:

  4. Thanks SpoiledRotten! I running on no sleep right now. LOOOONG Halloween night last night!:rolleyes:
  5. Paid for this on eBay this morning, Coach Legacy Top Handle #40214 (not sure what it MSRP'd for, but I paid $107.50):
    e0fb_1.JPG e1bb_1.JPG
  6. Poor Ranskimmie, you just need a nappie! LOL! ((hug))

    Cute pouch, sadgiraffe!

  7. :yes:....nite, nite....:sleepy:
  8. Thanks! Just found out the MSRP for that was $198, so I got a good deal!

    Ranskimmie, sleep a bit for me too! Me so tired...:sleepy:

  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Poor Kimmie .... get some sleep!

  10. http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc225/midg613/Purseforum021.jpg

    here's mine...Purchased at Nordstroms Galleria Houston....ON SALE!!!!...:woohoo::wlae: Like I needed another one. I had to pick up my LV that was being repaired and I heard the call of Nordstroms. They had a larger one in the same color and in black, but I bought this one. They had some other leather ones, but way to big for me.

    Neimans had some Grysons on sale along with some others, I had to stop myself...I was getting the urge :drool:. Enjoy
  11. Here is my buy for Nov. (so far)
    *Large Leather Hamptons Siggy Carryall in parchment!*:tender:
    Ebay Pics 523.jpg Ebay Pics 524.jpg
  13. I LOVE the colors on this!!! And the satchel is such a nice shape, I bought this in the hobo, and just wasn't feeling her. But enjoy!!!
  14. I LOVE the embossed leather...congrats!!
  15. i bought the choco sig bleeker flap thursday....... yummy:drool::drool: