November Baby becomes a September Baby!

  1. Congratulations!! I am touched by your story and am so glad that baby is doing well now. Keep us posted on his progress!
  2. What a touching story~ I have tears of joy and empathy for you and your son. I am so thankful that you both are doing well. I wish you both the very best and will keep you in my prayers~ He is such a lucky young man to have a wonderful mother :flowers: and he is so strong, just like his mother.
    God bless~ Ghost
  3. Such beautiful article. It had me in tears. So glad to hear he is doing better. I will keep him in my prayers.

    Congrats on your little miracle!!
  4. awwww!! Thankfully you and your son are doing well. Hopefully he will be home soon. Sincere best wishes for you and your family:heart:
  5. thank you for sharing such a lovely story. you are a brave and remarkable mother, teacher and human being. i am so happy for you, your son and your family. congratulations on the new addition to the family. best wishes to you! i cant help but got teary eyes reading your story!
  6. Congratz on Jacob, and loved the story!!
  7. Beautiful story - I was literally tearing up.:heart: God bless your little one and his wonderful parents!
  8. That's wonderful! Congratulations :heart:

    Glad to hear that Jacob is doing well, is he home yet? If not, any indication of when he will be able to come home?

    Wishing the best for all of you!!!! :heart:

  9. He is not home yet--- we are looking at another 3-6 weeks-- depending on him. :crybaby:

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments :smile:
  10. I am so haappy to hear Jacob is doing well. He is in my thoughts....
  11. Aww congrats, I hope you get to bring him home soon!
  12. That is such a beautiful story. Congratulations on your gorgeous baby boy, and I'm wishing and hoping he goes from strength to strength

  13. Aww, I have tears! I am glad he is doing well, and my thoughts and prayers are with you guys! I hope he comes home soon!!
  14. What an awesome story-I am so glad he is doing better! Congratulations!!!!! May you all continue to heal and grow stronger.