November 2019 purchases

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  1. Share your November 19 purchases here!

    I’m trying to be good, going to Paris in January and want to buy a mini cf there..
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  2. 20191103_225611.jpg
    I bought these yesterday, my first Chanel shoes. It was a very spontaneous purchase. Ballet flat in leather with patent tips.
  3. 829FF6C4-39B5-4289-84EC-460E3E502ED2.jpeg

    Today I bought myself an early Christmas present: Rouge Allure in special edition packaging, I just love all the tiny bags and boxes :heart:
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  4. That is ADORABLE! Did you go into the boutique to get that packaging? it also available through online purchases?
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  5. Sorry that I have posted my recently bought items in an old thread :yucky: Please let me share again my earings and earmuff in this thread.

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  6. Early Christmas shopping!

    Attached Files:

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  7. Are these clip on? Do you know if they had a non clip on version?
  8. Scored this in Waikiki
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  9. Yes, it is a clip-on earring and I think only clip-on version is available. There are 2 clips on each earring in order to secure it firmly on ears. If it is non clip-on, people then should have 2 ear piercings on each ear to wear it, which may be a problem to many people. Luckily, the design of the clips is different to the normal one. Seems that the ears won't be hurt after wearing it for a while.
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  10. Thank you! I bought it at a large department store in The Netherlands, and also saw it online at the Chanel website.
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  11. Bijenkorf? this soooo needs to be in my collection
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  12. Yep! When I checked last Saturday they still had all special editions available online.
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  13. First Chanel shoe purchase, ballet flats in lambskin. I'm really scared of the delicate material but I liked them the best out of the selection. Anybody have them, any suggestions or issues? 20191102_104909.jpg
  14. Love these! Do they run true-to-size?
  15. No, they run small. I tried on different styles in the ballet flats and I almost wore a different size in each. This is a shoe you definetly have to try on.