novella royale

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  1. i've been looking at buying a bag from this company. the bags are 'green'-ish - made from recycled leather. anybody have an experience with this company? seen these bags irl? i did a search on tpf and nothing came up... thanks!

    Novella Royale
  2. Never seen/heard of them before now, but I actually really like the look of the clover bag.
  3. yeah, the clover is a very beautiful bag. it's between the clover and the mister for me. after posting here i did a bit of research on the net and i think they are just launching now - july 2009 - so it is not surprising that there is not much info on the bags...
  4. bump... i just wanted to say that after a six week wait my bag finally arrived... and it smelled like someone's old leather jacket... their favorite old leather jacket that they lived in for years and wore to the bar and smoked four packs a day in. that jacket. i sent it back. i was so excited by the idea of the recycling of the leather. umm, maybe clean it first?
  5. Too bad about that experience. Hope that it is the exception to the rule. I got my Liz and it is great! No smells, just a hot bag! I am now waiting for my Clover.