Novel gift for a handbag lover!

  1. I was paging through the gift ideas in People Style Watch, and they suggest a gift card kit from this site:
    This site sells custom handbags and accessories, but they are offering a gift card kit that include the gift card along with leather and fabric swatches. You can give the special handbag lover in your life the gift of their very own custom made handbag! Pretty cool, huh? :tup:
  2. Oh that's cool! :tup:
  3. I had always wondered about freddy&ma bags, but never got one. Does anyone have a customized one? Are the patterned parts leather or fabric?

    On another note, I was cruising around NM online and saw these.

    Purse-shaped salt and pepper shakers! Aren't those the most adorable things ever? Another perfect gift for a handbag lover!
  4. SO CUTE!!! these little handbags sitting atop your table! teehee!!!
  5. I think the site said cotton twill, but the handles are leather.

    I don't know if it'll show up or not, but here's what I would want mine to look like:

    they have a lot of neat patterns!
  6. That is such a cute idea!! Thanks!

    I could play on this site all day!!
  7. It's fun to play with the colors and patterns! What a great idea : )
  8. Wow! i love that! my sister also really like this kind of bag for her accesories...:girlsigh:
  9. this site is kinda fuuuuunnnn :graucho:

  10. I bought these for Selena ages ago...she LOVES em!!:nuts:
  11. Great site to past time!! :okay::wlae:
  12. what fun!
  13. OMG that site is so much fun!!! I don't want to stop!
  14. I wish I'd thought of that! I love being able to customize things and this is much more sophisticated than the "design your own" bags I've seen so far.
  15. Oh my gosh those salt and pepper shakers are the cutest things ever! And that website is fabulous! What great ideas!