Novak question

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  1. Ladies, I have a bit of a dilemma. I have secured a dark brown Novak, which is beautiful. I love it and will probably buy it. THe only issue is that I also love the black and the red. McQueen doesn't know when the black or red will come in, but I am on the list fo rboth. My issue is that if I pass up the brown, suppose I have to wait another month for the black or suppose I never get it? Most of my suits are black so the black would look better with suits...I do have a black Bottega and a black Balenciaga though. I have 2 other brown bags, a brown Spy and (cognac) and a brown Roxanne (Mulberry).

  2. I would take the risk, give up the brown and wait for the one you really want.
  3. I agree with Star. Its worth waiting for something you want, this coming from someone who HATES waiting herself. When I do end up settling I get buyers remorse. Also, it would suck if you got the brown and then a little while later got a call that the red or black had come in.
  4. Yeah, you are right...I am just afraid that if I decide against the brown the SA will not give me priority for the black or red. She was holding it for me for the weekend...

    I like the brown color it is just that the black goes with my suits better...have you ladies seen the brown, and if so, what do you think of it?
  5. Wait! If you don't, you are going to find yourself talking yourself into owning them both!
  6. Maybe it's time for a red one? Since you have so many black and brown ones already...
  7. I wouldn't worry about the SA bumping you off the other lists. The brown wait list has got to be long enough to make up a small book. I vote on waiting. As for the choice between the black and red, the red might diversify your collection. You just have to go with your gut on this one. What will make you really happy as opposed to what you think you should get...
  8. THanks so much ladies for the good advice! I am still on the fence and the SA is holding it until tomorrow for me. I am leaning towards getting it (it really is gorgeous and the black won;t come for awhile!). i have wanted the Novak since August so I may just cave and get this one and the black or red when those two come in...
  9. Issmom was right!!!Ha,ha.....I know what your feeling though!:lol:
  10. Hehe, Issmom is totally right! LOL. I am trying to fight it but the urge is so strong...The handbag obsession is a tough habit to break!