novak clutch.....

  1. the alexander mcqueen novak has slowly but steadily been growing on me, and i particularly liked the mini novak (which i posted a thread on awhile back), but this has got to be my favorite rendition of the bag to date, although it is very reminiscent of gucci.....probably cuz i love smaller bags so the smaller the novak gets, the more i like........

    and if the strap is too gucci bamboo-esque for you, it's removable (see last image)

    anyways i think it's absolutely adorable, and thank goodness it only comes in black or i'd actually be tempted to buy this tiny bag for $1125 :love:


    hideous outift :Push:

  2. Cute...but EXPENSIVE!
  3. Ahhh it's so cute!!

    It's kind of weird, I always think of the novak as a professional looking bag, but in clutch form, it looks so edgy !
  4. It's very cute!
  5. Ohhhh...jc... my heart!!! :love: In croc... I think I would just die. Or sell the car to get it.
  6. i love it but i hate that damn strap. so it's remmovable? i wish they would have the small ones available in just regular leather, not the staw looking ones, i forget the material at the moment, i'm so tired.
  7. i think it was woven leather that kinda looked straw-ish....

    and louiseypeasey welcome to the forum and congrats on ur first post :lol::lol:
  8. I like this one too but don't like the strap. It's really cute but hella expensive!