Nova Hobo Bag - berry red

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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2010
    Hello everyone!

    Does anyone know if this bag ever goes on sale? It wasn't on sale during the nordies annual sale, but the Shopper was. I think it's called the Nova Check Hobo Buckle (Brook?) Bag in berry red:

    If anyone has any SA contacts ( Nordies, boutiques, etc.), please let me know. I live in Canada but going to Seattle (Washington) soon. I don't think the Seattle Nordies carries Burberry (I might be wrong), I think they are at the Bellevue store?? I had an SA there but they seem to change so often. I remember them having a burberry sale a couple of times and would love to know if they are going to have another one.

    Thanks so much!!

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  2. Maybe at the Burberry store's annual X-mas sale or "Black Friday" even?
  3. Thanks BurberryGal!!! Maybe I'll see anything goes on sale for black friday. I'll be in the states until about a week - poor timing on my behalf!!!

    I didn't realize there was an annual christmas sale. When is that exactly?
  4. Is the XMas sale only in the US or Europe as well? If they have it in Europe then I may wait with my next purchase(s):smile:))
  5. Wow great bag and appropriate for the holidays. I have the large classic hobo with black patent instead of the berry red. It fits quite bit of stuff inside and very cute & stylish.
  6. I love this bag a lot. In fact, I just looked at the European website and saw that it is not sold here? I wonder why. The only berry red hobo is the mini which looks way too small for my taste and the shape of the larger one is not so much to my liking as this one's, which seems a bit different. Ah, kinda sad. I do not want to get a Nova with black patent because I already got the small tote with that. Would have really considered the one with berry red patent though, really beautiful in my opinion and though the pattern is the same the shape and the berry red patent makes it quite different.
  7. Lovely bag. undoubtedly.
  8. OVincze - that's really weird - I didn't realize it wasn't available in europe. I just assumed it was a worldwide bag! Have you gone to a boutique and asked or emailed them? I'm sure they could always ship from the US if you are prepared to pay the additional costs :smile:.
  9. Hello,

    It is funny because I was just thinking this morning to search for a site where they would ship it from, unfortunately Nordies and Burberry US do not ship to Europe and I asked our store here and apparently they have never had berry red here. I think it is gorgeous and would really love to get it as a Xmas gift for myself:smile:)). Saks would ship here but it not available there either so not sure what I could do because I only like buying them from a safe place. Maybe a one of my friends living in the US could help me out but unsure I want to go that route. Thanks!

  10. That's really odd. Many of the ladies have gotten bags shipped from the UK to the US so I just assumed they would do the other way around (well to Europe anyways).

  11. I don't know if that goes on sale but I wanted that bag so badly in black!
  12. There are tons of the blacks ones on ebay! Addy and T are so wonderful with authentication.

    I ended up getting mine off ebay for half price!!! Authenticated by Addy and T, of course!

  13. Wow, congrats and did you get the red one? Saw you posting that on the authenticate thread.
  14. Charmosa - They have the bag at and Burberry bags are included in their 20% off F&F sale. The promocode is GIFT
  15. Thanks so much for all your help everyone! Surprisingly enough I got the bag through ebay - authenticated by Terite and Addy of course - for about 50% off!! Will do a reveal soon!