Nova Check or Haymarket Check?

  1. Nova check is more modern, where as Haymarket check is more classic~ Personally I'm a modern sort of person, so I'd be going for the Nova check.
  2. Nova Check !!
  3. how come i couldnt find the nova check boston on their website?
  4. Haymarket...I like the texture better and better chance that it is made in Italy.
  5. I thought they were made in England. Am I confused?:confused1:
  6. nova check, its too cute! ;)
  7. I like the nova check has a cleaner and "younger" feel to it.
  8. Nova check..
  9. Definitely Nova check!
  10. A lot of the novachecks are now made in China...
    I have a haymarket and it's made in Italy.
  11. I have a personal stylist at Nordstrom in Houston. He says that although the Nova Check is the more classic, the Haymarket has a little more "edge." Plus not everyone will have the Haymarket. The Nova Check is sort of a jumping off point for Burberry
  12. Nova Check Boston
  13. nova!
  14. Nova Check. :heart: the youngish look
  15. Ditto. Haymarket is not as modern besides it is faked more.