Nova Check or Haymarket Check?

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  1. Debating between these two bags and need opinions and suggestions!

    Nova Check Boston

    or Haymarket Tote - smaller version burberry 1.jpg

  2. Nova Check.
  3. Definitely the Nova Check bag. It's cooler... :tup:
    I am thinking of buying it myself. But Ijust got my Manor bag...
  4. I vote for Nova Check. But of course it depends on the main colors you are planning on wearing it with.
  5. Haymarket...have a feeling that this kind of material may be more resistant to dirt? It is made in Italy too
  6. Definitely Novacheck. Not a fan of the Haymarket.
  7. Haymarket
  8. I like the Nova Check. The bigger plaid looks makes it more clean?
    The Haymarket seems too detailed (of course it has more design on it).
  9. Nova check...
  10. Nova check... I'm personally getting tired of totes =X
  11. Haymarket
  12. I vote Nova Check.
  13. I like both

    The Nova is more modern and the Haymarket is classic
  14. i just like the freshness of the Nova check. seems light, crisp, more spring like. While the haymarket seems dated, heavy, tired. But that is just the mood of the bags that I feel today. :love: Also the shape the of tote sorta drags me down and feels heavy. the Boston bag just seems younger and hip, like you could float along with it. God I love bags sooo much I feel them! They effect my mood! :shame:
  15. haymarket...more classic!