Nova Check belts!

  1. Would anyone know if there are any reputable sellers on eBay where I would be able to find ladies Burberry belts? does not deliver to where I live.
    Would anyone know if this seller sells the real deal or not? Sorry for posting the link here but it got lost in the "authenticate this" thread.
    Many thanks,
  2. hey, where are you located? Because they deliver in US and Europe (just have to change the location at the bottom)
    I got one recently and love it!
    And indeed, probably just find one on eBay and get it authenticated here...
  3. Roxana thanks for the reply, I think I will check out the Burberry stores when i visit the US. I feel more comfortable shopping retail than guessing on eBay!!
  4. Yea you should cousin bought a burberry bag and wallet on sale for a total of $600..or something around there. I'm not really sure what the style name is called but very worth it!!