Nov. Vogue's recommended products for plane travel...

  1. Just got my November Vogue and, due to the new
    travel restrictions on liquids, they made a list of products that are great (and legal) to bring on the plane for long trips.

    1. Shu Uemura Moisture eye zone mask (wrapped sheet)
    2. Shiseido Sun protection stick foundation, or
    3. Chantecaille Real Skin transluscent makeup/foundation (soild-gel compact)
    4. Stila Color pushups (lip and cheek color stick in one)
    5. this works, turbo balm (little pot of soothing stuff for cuticles and lips
    6. Shiseido soothing cleansing cloths OR:
    7. Crabtree and Evelyn Cooks Citrus Travel Towlettes

    Vogue recommends that you use the herbal cleansing cloth to remove makeup on the plane, then use the eye mask when eyes are feeling dry and the "this works" Turbo Balm for dry hands and chapped lips. Before landing, they suggest applying the Chantecaille foundation and adding lip and cheek color with the Stila product.

    Has anyone ever used any of these products? I'm very interested in the Chantecaille solid-gel foundation. Apparently, it provides great coverage, smooths pores and is SPF 30.
  2. thanks for the info. :biggrin: which country's Vogue is this from?
  3. USA Vogue
  4. Thanks!
  5. thanks for the info! good tips!
  6. i like to use the evian mineral water spray on the plane. it counteracts all that dry circulating air and rehydrates my skin.
  7. ^ I may have to try that, does it mess up your make-up?
  8. what great advice! i'll be traveling in december so i'll definitely keep this in mind.
  9. Will they still let you bring that on?
  10. The last time I traveled to I wasn't able to carry it on because there was that full ban on gels/liquids :crybaby:But ever since Sept. 26, 2006, the TSA adjusted the ban so that you can carry on liquids/gels (including aerosols, spray bottles, creams, etc.) as long as it's in a 3 oz. or smaller container. :smile: You have to place it in a quart-size ziplock bag though.

    Sephora sells the Evian 1.7 oz. Travel Trio
    Oh, and it doesn't mess up your makeup. Just don't spray it too close to your face. Hold it maybe a foot away from your face and spray in a sweeping motion.
  11. ^^^^ ahhhh, thanks! For long, international flights, Vogue suggests removing your makeup on the flight, using the masks and stuff then reapplying foundation and other things before you land. My eyes always get so tired and dry and I htink this is a great idea. I need to get some of those herbal eye masks!!
  12. You know what else is great for travel...Talika Eye Decompress. It comes 8 in a box and its like a quick eye mask for your eyes. It's perfect for traveling.
  13. I'll have to try that. I use Talika's Lipocil Treatment Gel, and it works well, so the Eye Decompress is probably pretty good too.