Nov Release: New Vernis Bracelet! Photo to come: Nov 1st.

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  1. #1 Oct 17, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2010
    I just got back from fashion valley Louis Vuitton. The cute and very sweet SA, "S," showed me the lookbook for the new Vernis bracelet. It will have a bow on it and small gold LV in the middle of bow. Sorry ladies, I didn't want to get in trouble so I didn't snap a photo.

    Comes in 4 colors: Rose Florentine, Rouge Fauviste, Amarante, and Pomme.
    Release Date: November 1st.
    Price: USD $370

    Soooo excited that I am so going in that day to see it (maybe get it)! It's so cute that the SA was so excited to show me and I was so excited to see it. We were two very excited LV lovers going GAGA over it in the store. LOL!!
  2. Hmmmm!!! Sounds lovely!!
  3. Will they come in different sizes? I saw a MC bracelet at Holt the other day and I'm sure my wrist would be too big for it. Would getting a new vernis bracelet count during a bag ban?
  4. Luck It bracelet has sizes on the website.
    The Save It bracelet (large band) actually have sizes. My awesome SA had me try one today. I found out today that there is MC color for the Save It bracelet! Because they sold out of the monogram one, I tried the multicolor one. There is small and large. (not sure any other size).

    The purse ban thing is pretty much up to you hehe. I will also be on a ban for awhile after the Empreinte comes in and I buy the bracelet, too.
  5. Sounds pretty.. I think I'll have to go in on Nov.1st! hopefully its the same date here in Canada.. Did you notice if it has a clasp? or is it a slip on bracelet? Is it like the Luck it? =)
  6. There's a thread on this with a photo floating around here somewhere. It is adorable!
  7. Ohhh help me find it please?! I was totally kicking myself for not taking a spy picture. hehe.

    I think it's a clasp. The whole band doesn't seem to have much stretch to it. It's very adorable and pretty in the photo! :biggrin:
  8. lilmountaingirl, where? I wannaaaa seeee :biggrin:
  9. I'd like to see that pic.. may just have to google.
  10. Cool!
  11. they look cute!!