Nov 14 Holt Renfrew PSN - WHO'S GOING & WHATCHA BUYIN'?

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    I am planning to go the Sunday before and pick out some gold LV cufflinks for my DH as well as a few tuxedo dress shirts for him to wear the cufflinks with.

    As for me... probably nothing as I was spoiled rotten at the Banff LV Meet. :p

    Spill! :nuts:
  2. Oh no! Another PSN so soon??? I'm waiting for the cruise line, I am WL'd at Holt's for the red Marina PM actually, but I'm not sure how much I really want it right now. I liked how the Motard Pochette looked on me but not how it felt - it had a weird plastic feel - I guess the lambskin is coated with some kind of patent-like material. I may check out the cute new keychains (Alzer & boite chapeau) but I doubt they will have them by Nov. 14.
  3. GST maybe.. since I won't get to touch either Chanel or LV with AMEX day (argh!).

    LV has been displaced in my heart.. :shame:
  4. maybe the marina for me. i have to see today and see if they have it already....
  5. If the Tivoli PM comes out in time, I may get that...otherwise, nothing.
  6. Do you mean that AMEX day does not include LV or Chanel?
    Is Amex day also on Nov 14?
  7. I want to buy a pair of boots. Maybe Louboutins :p
    We'll see how I'm feeling on that day :smile:
  8. I want to buy limelight clutch.
  9. Amex day does not include LV or Chanel.

    And no, it is not on the 14th with PSN.
  10. karman, when is AMEX day? I think my DH threw out the notice that was sent to our house...
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    Did my shopping today and got a little somethings for myself too... teeheehee!
  12. Hopefully that darn Berkeley bag comes out in time for PSN! Was wanting the silver/grey inclusion, too.
  13. Does anyone know when AMEX day will be?
  14. Addy, I haven't received the AMEX day notice yet. I think I am supposed to receive a call. I'm having problems with mailed notices, I didn't receive notices for PSN nor Double Points Day! My SAs had to tell me!!!
  15. AMEX day hasn't been called yet, but I'm almost certain it will be the first or second week of December. :graucho:

    The problem now is.. my money is being torn in every way, so many pretty things competing for my love !