Noumea Sneaker (Pics)

  1. Well I went to LV yesterday to exchange my Santa Barbara sandals...they had the Lilac shoes in my size, but they have to order(?) the silver ones. Hopefully I will get them in a week or two. They finally had the Noumea sneakers in gold and I ended up getting these for now. Out of my three LV sneakers these the the most comfortable pair. (and even though I didn't like them in black I am seriously thinking about getting them...they are also coming out in white/pink and white blue.)

  2. Such awesome sneakers! I am trying to decide between the black/silver or the white/gold.... I didn't know they are coming out with a blue though...Might have to wait to til they come out since blue is my fav color!
  3. I have the black/sliver ones, they are really comfortable.
  4. great!!congrats!
  5. Those are so HOT! if I wasn't a size 13 I would get them lol
  6. Congrats!!
  7. Cool! Congrats!
  8. These sneakers are GREAT!!!! Congrats!!!!
  9. Get them! You won't regret it. The blue is like a metallic light blue. I might need those as well!
  10. Those are hot!
  11. Oooh how adorable! Congrats!
  12. Thank you everyone!
  13. Those are gorgeous!
  14. Congratulations.
  15. ooooh! pure white is so hot! congrats:biggrin: