1. Okay, ladies I have a question about the notte color bag. I see that has this color in a variety of styles. I'm not sure what the inside print is though for the notte. Is it citta? It doesn't give a description or show a picture of the inside lining. Help!!!
  2. I believe it is the citta because every season of tokis have a color theme in their their hardware. So the chains and the zipperpull is the same color. Like the first season, they had green and I know the cittas had almost gunmetal look to their chain and zipperpull. But to be sure, email to find out....or u can shop on that pulse site like the rest of the forum to get ur exact bag for 15% with free shipping too! Hope this helps you somewhat!
  3. Yes, it is Citta.
  4. Unless you find an old one (like I did). Got a Luna at Macy's last week with the blue and green hardware and the original print inside.
  5. The first edition "black" (with blue and green hardware) wasn't called Citta - guess they didn't think of naming the prints yet then
    From my knowledge, the tokidoki solid colors (after the first edition) are as follows

    Fumo - dark grey with Citta lining and matte-silver hardware
    Arancia - orange with Foresta lining and brass-tone hardware
    Notte - black with Citta lining and matte-silver hardware
    Bianco - white with Adios Star lining with gold-tone hardware

    I wish they'd do more solids with outrageous colors, maybe a bright blue color with a Pirata lining... wow, I'd so get that!! :nuts:

    Hope that helps though ;)
  6. hell ya! if they made had the blue one id buy it in an instant! great :idea: !
  7. ^ITA!:yahoo:
  8. Anyone know whether they will release a newer version of bianco with different lining other than adios star? like notte with original print and citta? TIA
  9. Possibly with amore, maybe??
  10. Would be nice if they did. I don't like the adios lining at all.
  11. speaking of color combos for solid bags, i'd go for a pink bag of any shade. maybe it would pair good w/citta rosa inside.
  12. they should have the pirata lining on the inside :biggrin:
  13. yes, that turqouise color is beautiful!
  14. oooh just imagine having a solid turqouise bag with pirata in the inside!!:drool: now thats totally what i'd die for!
  15. Why oh why didn't they use inferno as the lining of fumo??? I would love to get my DH a fumo messenger bag, backpack, or trenino, but don't think he'd carry it to work with sexy girls inside :sad:

    Plus, if they'd put inferno lining in fumo, I would have bought 3-4 fumo bags myself!