Notte Zucca?

  1. Does anyone know anyplace that still has them? :O

    I am pining for one. xD
  2. Try calling the order number, I think they still have Notte.
  3. I saw one at the Macy's at Irvine Spectrum when Tutti came out. I'll look the next time I'm there.
  4. i believe theres one @ the macys in Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton, CA :]
  5. There was a Notte Zucca at Nordstrom in Chandler, AZ last time I was there...

  6. thanks for all the replies everyone!! but macy's and lesportsac doesn't ship to hawaii. ;__;
  7. That's just dumb and unfair!:cursing:
  8. yep. x-x; they just think we're richer than others. xD