Notte Avventura!

  1. I stopped by Bloomingdales after work today to see if anything was on sale. They had tons of Tutti and Fumo, and a little Bianco, and Notte left. They also had two lonely Spiaggia Cucciolos. But not a single thing was on sale. The SA tried to tell me that the Toki never goes on sale. I was just about to leave very dejected when I spotted an Avventura on the bottom shelf and realized it wasn't Fumo as I must have originally thought, but was actually Notte. Oh! And it came with an Adios Qee!

    I paid full price for it, because ever since they came out with the Avventura I've been wishing it came in Notte. (Tutti is just too much white - I would ruin a Tutti tote bag in a week.)

    Has anybody else ever seen an Avventura in Notte?

    (Of course now I have to sell the Notte Cucciolo, because I don't need two gigantic black tote bags, and I'd rather spend the Cucciolo money on something in a print.)
  2. Hm, never heard of a Notte Avventura...I didnt know they made Avventura in that print??? I though that just started around the tutti time eh? idk..
  3. Didn't someone also find a Spiaggia Avventura??

    That's great, though, that you found a Notte one! Is the inside still Citta?
  4. I guess they're going back and adding Avventuras to older prints ahhh?
  5. The inside is still Citta, but it must be relatively new because it has the Adios Qee. I wonder if it means that Notte will be available as a solid option for Fall along with the Transporto and Vacanze even though it isn't shown on the lesportsac site. I would swear this bag was not there the last time I checked Bloomies, so it was either hiding in a stockroom or it just arrived.
  6. yeah I think they redid the notte with this last batch. I've found quite a few w/ the new cards/keychains
  7. Heh, that's cool then. I should get me a notte wallet...since i have an original black one that one day might
  8. Which Bloomingdales did you go to?? :nuts:

  9. I saw a Notte Avventura with the Adios star que though!
  10. twingirls, I went to Tyson's - your home turf! (I'm down the road in Arlington.) If you want to see a lot of Tutti, that's where to find it.
  11. hey lisalala, did you see a tutti luna there? >__< the last time i went there i didn't see any, and i don't know if i want to make the drive there if they don't have what i'm looking for...
  12. Haha!! Cool!! I had a feeling because those Spiaggia Cucciolos have been there since I moved here almost a month ago!

    I plan to take my girls to the play area there tomorrow, so might as well swing by Bloomies, yes? Yikes. Thanks for the info, lisalala! :tup:

    gwenny, I'll check for the Tutti luna if I'm able to go. :smile:
  13. Man. I want to say that I saw Lunas, but I would be lying if I said I could remember for sure that I saw a Tutti Luna.

    I've discovered that it's pointless to try and call the SAs, especially on weekends, but I've had better luck calling Personal Shoppers and asking them to check stock. Maybe give that a shot?
  14. that would be great twingirls! thanks ^^
  15. they remade avventuras in other prints too! I have seen them in spiaggia for sure and i THINK pirata. :O