Notorious BIG Way Figure Unveiled At Madame Tussauds Museum In NYC

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    A wax figure of slain MC The Notorious B.I.G. was unveiled by the rapper’s mother, Voletta Wallace, at the world famous Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in New York City this morning (October 25). The figure of Biggie portrays the rapper in a white three piece suit with white hat and shoes, with one hand in his pocket and the other on a white and wooden cane.
    Visitors were allowed to touch and take pictures with the figure which will be housed in it’s own room on the 9th floor of the museum. Additionally, when guests move through colored light beams around the figure, they will automatically trigger audio clips of Biggie’s songs.

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  3. Why do you want to close it?

    I think it's great they're paying tribute to him. He was taken way too soon. (So was 2pac, for that matter.)
  4. I agree. I am a huge Biggies fan! And damn, those Wax figures do look real almost!
  5. I wrote "way" and not "wax", I realized that too late....
  6. It looks just like him....that's amazing!!!
    I am a huge BIGGIE fan....BABY BAAABY!!!
  7. That looks just like him! Of course, it's a wax sculpture, so it should...but I like how they have him in white.