Notification of bannings?

One of the other message boards I frequent will let people know why long-time posters were banned. A mod will post and immediately lock the thread so that people can't talk about that poster when s/he isn't able to defend themselves. They don't give explanations for quickly-banned spambots but, in the case of someone who has been around for a while they might post, "So-and-so has been banned for having multiple IDs" or whatever.

I wonder if tPF would consider doing this. There are some posters who have popped up as banned in the past few days and I know some mods have been working hard to keep us all from assuming it had anything to do with the Chanel scammer when it doesn't. Maybe brief info in a centralized location would help?


Mar 16, 1980
We are not planning on making it an open discussion, ever. Let's just say that we don't ban people without carefully considering that it is indeed warranted, especially when it's a long time member. Usually there are several moderators involved in the decision making process and not just one person. :idea:

We don't just ban people for sh*ts and giggles.
OK, please don't take offense at my suggestion. I have just seen in some places ( like this post: where people speculate and gossip about why someone was banned. And then there are places where it is discussed (like this post:, so I didn't think it was actually confidentiall.

Anyhow, it was actually just a thought to make it easier for the mods, rather than having to answer multiple questions, but I understand why you would not want to do so. Sorry.


Jan 12, 2006
No, it's not something we do. I made an exception due to the extreme nature of that issue.
We ban people w/ multiple IDs on a pretty regular basis leaving only their original screen name in place. It doesn't mean they did anything else wrong, in fact, usually they haven't.


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Feb 10, 2006
I can only say I've never been on a board in the last 10 years or more that ever discussed such things openly. Anywhere I've been has always considered it confidential.

I'm a member of one forum where they do, in fact, do that. They have a running thread where bannings are posted, along with the specific rule(s) broken. Sometimes the bans are temporary and sometimes permanent.

I'm not saying it's a good idea or a bad idea. Just sharing my experience. On that forum, the rules are pretty clear-cut. Some, you break once, you're out. Others, you get a second chance. But it's all pretty clear.

Here, it doesn't seem so clear. What's allowed in one sub-forum, isn't allowed in another. Spammers are banned immediately...people who sign up and immediately try to sell are not. So, it seems much more subjective and I could see where it would open up a huge can of worms.

I do think, though, that when it's a case of someone scamming in the Chanel thread...the reason should be revealed, so as to protect other members from being scammed.


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Oct 18, 2005
When we ban people, they're not there to defend themselves afterward or tell their side of the story. As such, we don't intend to air the person's dirty laundry or stir the pot further in their absence. If it's something that's important for members to know (the person was scamming through the board, etc.), then we'll make an announcement. That's very rare, though.


Jan 15, 2009
This might be OT but why can banned members still make posts? I am reading through the abovementioned thread re the Chanel scammer and there is a banned member who is posting regularly (such as comment 1381). Her member name is grey and it has "sofa king banned" under her user name but she can still post? I don't get it :confused1:


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Jul 23, 2008
I'm glad I found this thread, because I was wondering where some of the regulars went!
I'm so shocked and sad about beljwl. I am greatful however, that the mods & admins are always on top of things though. It's just sad sometimes...


Jan 20, 2010
There have been some long time folks become greyed out lately for no publicly apparent reason based on past posts. Not asking, just pondering.

Yes, there was one member with 9,000+ posts banned which I found pretty shocking but as a forum administrator on another site I can tell you there are a lot of reasons a member might be banned that have nothing to do with what they've publicly posted, and sometimes if it was, the offending posts are deleted right away. It doesn't seem like they delete posts here though, they just go in and edit them.