Notification Help???

  1. These new notifications drive me bananas, I always think I have a PM.

    So I go in to the 13 or so "New Unread Quotes" I had and I deleted them. Then I had 20?? So I deleted all them.

    Now I have 65,530 New Unread Quotes but my whole quote box is empty. Ugh.

    Can a mod help me get rid of this?? Can I turn it off?? :p I am such an old fart I hate change LOL!
  2. Fixed?
  3. Yessss ACK! How did you do that :okay:

    Thank you!! :sunshine:
  4. That is so funny, its the same number I had in my box when we first got this feature!

    It was about a month ago, LOL!
    One real one and 65530 imaginary ones!

  5. I have another question, can we turn off this notification of someone quoting me? I have between 199 and 230, its fluctuating, and I would rather not even see these notifications. I would rather just see that number bolded if I have a pm.

    And there is no way I have found yet where I can see a whole list and just delete them all. I have to select these little tiny squares I can barely see LOL and they only show like 5 at a time. So going thru 200 will make me crazy :p

    Can this be fixed or changed Vlad?

    Thanks is advance! :smile:

    Disable quote notifications. :idea:
  7. Wonderful...thank you. And that won't interfere with a notification sent to me when someone replies in my thread? You know those subscriptions?
  8. It will not interfere at all, two separate features. :idea:
  9. I didn't want to start a whole new thread, but I don't think my quote notifications are working at all. :shucks:
  10. You did have over 3200 notifications - I purged them for you. Let's see if this works. :idea:
  11. :wtf:

    3200! Dang I need to stop spending so much time on tPF!! :p

    I now have 65,540 notifications. :graucho: Popularity ain't easy.
  12. Notifications aren't working anymore, and I'm still at over 65k. :sad:
  13. Yay thank you!! I'm back in action!! :party:
  14. Yep just fixed it for you.
  15. vlad, i think encore hermes may have the same situation....she mentioned having 65K notifications a couple of days ago...