Notification for Unread Quote, But I Don't Have Any Unread Quotes?!

  1. Hoping someone can help me out here. I keep getting the notification for a new unread quote each time I log in, but when I go try to see the unread quote it says that I have no new unread quotes. This just started yesterday, but it's driving me just a little bit bonkers. Can someone help me, please? Thanks in advance!
  2. This should be fixed. :tup:
  3. It is; thanks so much! :smile:
  4. You got it.

    By the way, I have a real weak spot for Mustangs, particularly the Cobra kind. I can hear the new 302 Boss whisper my name when I sleep. :lol:
  5. LOL, we have a weak spot for em too...we have 5 currently. The 03 Cobra is definitely my favorite, even if she does try to get me in trouble sometimes hehe. The new Boss is a wicked car for sure; I'd love to have one. That one will have to wait until I hit the lottery or have a really generous family member!
  6. I have 65,535 unread quotes that popped up yesterday when I used the delete all function :lol: I hoped it would all go away on its own but no such luck. Think you can help me with that?

    Welcome, Encore Hermes.
    You last visited: Yesterday at 07:27 PM
    Your Notifications: 65,535
  7. That should do.
  8. I'm having the same issue - I deleted all of mine this afternoon, and now I'm showing 65,506.

    I had no idea I was quite that popular ;)
  9. Should be fixed.
  10. Thank you! It's normal this morning :smile:
  11. Lol - now I've got it. Just deleted my quotes and it says I have 65,524 unread. Don't think I've spoken to that many people in my life :wtf:
  12. Hi-
    I am showing a notification for one quote, but I don't see anything!
  13. I also have a notification for one quote but there is none. Perhaps post was deleted by either member or mod. Please delete. Thanks.
  14. ^ Not fixed yet.
  15. Should be fixed now.