Noticing a Decrease in LV?

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  1. I have noticed of late that I personally see fewer and fewer LV bags around lately. I especially notice that I see very few Damier Speedies whereas I used to see them all the time. I'm trying to figure out what the reasons for this might be.

    What do you think? Any opinions on why this might be?

    Again this is only my personal opinion and what I have noticed myself.
  2. In my area it's the opposite, more and more LVs, especially Azur and Mono neverfulls....
  3. in my area more and more people have lv's. especially the damier speedy. and lately i can see lots of different lv bags. before, there were just mono speedies everywhere.
  4. idk... I see more and more LVs worldwide !
  5. I wonder why I'm experiencing this.
  6. Honestly, I have not observed any decrease. On the contrary, Speedy, as well as other bags, especially in mono and damier, seem to be more and more popular in my area.
  7. Well that's good to know, thanks guys! :smile:
  8. I notice a decrease here....even mentioned it to my hubby just last week!...for awhile I'd say a year ago I'd see LV's popping up here and there and now I see them but not as much...and hubby us there is a downward trend for even the popular bags such as speedies and neverfulls...
  9. Yes that is my experience as well. And the only ones I ever really spot anymore are the NFs...usually GM.
  10. In my area aren't much LV anyway... The city I live in seems not to be into LV, I see gucci and lots of prada...

    But if I spot an LV from time to time, I see vernis, mahina the more expensive LVs...
  11. what perplexes me is...are the girls just not using them anymore...saving them for more special occasions due to the price of them shouldn't decrease..but it has here..
  12. In my area, I see tons of NF Gm and MM along with Speedy 30 all in Mono.
  13. In my area I rarely see LV, and when I do, it's usually pretty obvious which are the fakes and which are not. Monogram seems to be the pattern that pops up the most. I see Coach bags around here all the time, and a good lot of them are fake—not very good ones at that. In comparison, while on vacation in L.A. last month I saw LV everywhere, all different types and styles, with Damier azur being very popular. I'm still undecided as to whether I like being the one that stands out with my bags, but I love them so much! :shrugs:
  14. I notice there is an increase in all international designer bags in Melbourne, in the past 8 years anyway.:cool:

  15. Same here!