noticed the price mix up?

  1. hmmm...interesting:confused1::shrugs:

    I too had to rub the eyes a bit.
  2. whatttt... whooaaaa... im shocked. is this the us site? all i can say, is take advantage if it's true!!! Jump on it ladies
  3. i was drooling on tuesday night when i saw the python chain hobo on the gucci website. it was my ultimate dream bag. but the price tag stopped me from purchasing it. then i saw the exact same one on the Neimans website for $2,000.00 less??!! same description, size, and picture! i grabbed that thing so fast...! i cant wait to get it and hope nothing goes wrong. i am a bad, bad girl!
  4. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you funinthesun i hope things go smoothly. good luck and let us know the outcome. i just bought the LV cabby so who knows when my next purchase will be
  5. Wow, big difference! Congrats on your deal. Can't wait to see pics!
  6. ooooooo I hope they don't see their mistake!!! I love that bag too! let us know when you get it! I'm so excited for you!!! post pics when you get it:nuts:!

  7. This item is not available.

    :sad: I guess I'm too late.
  8. wow 2000 price difference.. they are all sold out aka not available anymore either. hopefully they dont make u pay the difference because they messed up
  9. Wow, I wish I could buy...
    Hopefully they'll agree to give you the bag at that price!
  10. I ordered the python hobo from Neimans earlier this week after noticing the price difference. I'm not holding my breath on actually getting it though!
  11. I'm curious to see what happened with the python bag. Did anyone receive it? Did Neiman's make you pay the price difference? I only ask because I've been looking for one and now Neiman's has the price at $3690!!
  12. Whatever happened? Those of you who ordered at the cheaper price did you get the bags???
  13. I'm really curious to know too!! if they did get the bag for the mixed up price its awesome!!! Great deal!.
  14. looks like NM fixed their prices :shrugs: