Notice to my Coach Girls and a question...


Which bag?

  1. Khaki/Red Carly

  2. Chocolate/Bronze Signature Stripe Tote

  3. Black/Gunmetal Signature Stripe Tote

  4. Legacy Stripe Tote

  5. Chocolate Signature Ergo Flap

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  1. Hi ladies!

    Okay, so I might as well tell you all that I've put in my notice at Coach and my last day is this Saturday. :cry: I just can't work two jobs at once; I am under too much stress (60 hours a week sometimes at my FT job, then working all weekend is just too much! A girl needs her downtime). I'll still be helping at Coach seasonally, though, so I'll try to keep providing you guys with info :smile:

    OK. So I'm going to get one last bag before I quit, and my question to you ladies is, which one should it be?

    A) Khaki/Red Carly (I don't have a Carly)
    B) Chocolate/Bronze Signature Stripe Tote (I already have 2 signature stripe totes though :shame: )
    C) Black/Gunmetal Signature Stripe Tote
    D) Legacy Stripe Tote
    E) Chocolate Ergo Signature Flap

    OR suggest another bag and please specify :smile:

    Thanks ladies :tup:
  2. Chocolate Signature Ergo Flap--or even the Chocolate Ergo Flap (all leather). That's a beautiful bag, classic, you'll use it forever.
  3. Khaki/Red Carly! Mine should be in within the next few days, I'll take pics and you will be convinced!
  4. Well, now my mom is wanting a bag :sad: I should probably be nice and get her one instead of myself (even though I've already bought her 3 in the last couple of months...)
  5. Carly gets my vote!

    Sarah, I used to work my regular Mon-Fri job and then also worked Banana Republic all weekend. I was only able to do it for 5 months. Gosh, it was hard... Take a break and recharge!!
  6. ^^LOL! I've only lasted 6 months! Glad to know I'm not alone.
  7. I would go with the black and gunmetal because it is a more unusual combination and it souds like you like and use the totes. But maybe you have decided to get your mom a bag instead?
  8. ^^I don't know. It's my last discounted bag (and I'm down to 4 Coach bags now), but I feel like if I told her no it'd be selfish :shame:
  9. :yahoo:Carly! Carly Carly!!!:yahoo:
  10. Sarah, you've been full of info and we have really appreciated it. Thank you for that!!! :woohoo:
  11. I voted for the Legacy Strip Tote. It's different and fresh (IMO) and it will go with so much.
  12. I would buy the most expensive bag on your wish list since its your last time with the discount and then save up for the other ones.
  13. My favorite right now is the Python Miranda bag and if I had a good dicount I would consider it. Out of your choices I would say the Carly or the Ergo since you don't already have that style.
  14. I would go for the most expensive piece that you can't live without while you still have the discount.
  15. Lily in Atlantic :nuts: