Nothing very excitable but...........

  1. thought I'd just share this new H Pilo Pouch.

    Cuir Agneau leather. Love the feel of it! Almost cuddly :p!


    This is the smaller one in Cafe and Orange (not quite sure which orange though). Early Christmas pressie from a most lovely tpfer :heart:.


    This is the GM size in Epsom and Vert Anis.

    Photo_33.jpg Photo_34.jpg Photo_37.jpg
  2. How fun! I love the cuddly description!x
  3. Adorable! It would be so fab for an ipod or cell phone!
  4. They are R-E-A-L-L-Y CUTE!!!I am so loving them:heart:Congrats
  5. I do love them too. Very nice!!
  6. I just saw those the other day, and thought it looked so cute!
  7. Oooooo ... so pretty together! Adds something special in the midst of your H rainbow in your H bags!
  8. Holy cow! I love it!! Is that a new item for H? It looks so practical and can hold all sorts of things! Enjoy!!
  9. very neat and pretty.
  10. loving that, adorable!
  11. Like the Cafe and Orange, sweet!
  12. very nice! ideal handphone pouch!
  13. Beautiful gift idea!
  14. So cute and fun!
  15. :yes: