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  1. Ok ....this has NADA to do with LV but y'all my friends just as much as anyone else in my "real life" so I am bringing this to you. I would post this in the general question section but I don't know anyone else but my LV buddies.
    Ok....I am getting my little white cockapoo in a few weeks and the names have been narrowed down to......

    Mylie (or Miley) and Ella. I loved Sophie but that's my husbands' aunts name and..well....I won't go there. Ok so which do you fabulous stylish women (and men) think is best. Mylie or Ella? If you hate both you can tell me.
  2. i like ella. i always wanted to get a little doggie and name her lola :smile: lol.
  3. I have a friend with a little white cockapoo named Ella - so I vote for that name because she is just so darn cute!!!!!
  4. I like Ella. It's cute!
  5. Ella is a beautiful name for your puppy!
  6. Wow I am shocked at all the Ella votes!!! Everyone in my life is telling me Mylie! may have to be Ella. My 7 year old son loves that name. Thanks for your opinions. I knew I could count on you guys.
  7. Ditto for Ella ... I think that would be a great name!
  8. Miley, this name sounds happy and charming. Ella sounds elegant and beautiful. My vote goes to Miley!
  9. I like Ella but I :heart: Stella!
  10. I like neither. :confused1: I'd go with sophie rather than the two others. Or how about Louise? ;) (j/K)
  11. sorry I don't like any
    What about Paulina? love that one ;)
  12. I like Miley. My only niece is named Ella.
  13. My vote is for Ella- cause she is so ella-gant!
  14. Ella! :smile:

    Be sure to post pics in the Animalicious section when you get her. Puppies are soooo cute.
  15. My vote goes for ..... MILEY.