Nothing to do with Hermes but could do with your advice - Yurman

  1. Can i ask do any of you guys own any jewelery by David Yurman? I only ask cause since i went to the states last year i have been thinking about a bracelet i saw and now i have found a store that sells them in the north of ireland... if any of you own something can you let me know what you think... am of to bed but will be up bright and early...:smile: ...
  2. Birkin Girl.....I have an 18K gold ring with faceted brown (?) Citrine that I love to bits! I wear it almost all the time!
  3. I have a bracelet, several rings and a couple of necklaces and love them all! Very durable too...
  4. I have a silver and 14K ring that I is nice and solid!
  5. Thanks for feedback am going to belfast nxt month will do some damage then....
  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE David Yurman...especially his 2-toned pieces. You can wear them with either Hermes hardware.:yes:

    I've got 2 cuff bracelets (silver w/ diamonds, other is gold with citrine), 2 necklaces (gold with garnet, other is silver trefoil), 2-tone twist ring, 1 pr. earrings (two-tone silver and gold with citrine and garnet) and a watch (orange alligator strap). Can't say enough positive things about DY - great style and durable! Go for it!
  7. David Yurman does have some cute pieces!
  8. I have the small hoops- great for everyday wear
  9. I own several David Yurman pieces. I find the quality of this jewelry line to be excellent. My latest acquisition was an amythest double shank ring. It is stunning! I would recommend this line.
  10. Completely agree! I've got a Yurman collection--about 20 pieces--and I love the stuff. Very "wearable" for daytime into evening, casual to dressy, to the point where I am neglecting all my other jewelry! :heart:
  11. Incidentally, Birkin Girl, in case you weren't aware of this in the north of Ireland, the company has a great web site ( where you can see hundreds of their jewelry pieces and order them online through Neiman Marcus. I'm not sure if they ship overseas, though...
  12. You are loaded! Can I borrow a piece girlie?
  13. Did you post a pic Kat? I don't remember if I saw it. I will go look and see if you did.
  14. I did post pics awhile back but they did not come out too good. Here's a pic from NM's website along with my pics.


  15. Kat: Love your ring! I've got the same one!!! :flowers: