Nothing more pleasing to the eye...than a child smiling & having fun

  1. My friend just sent me this, and I laughed so hard!:lol::lol::lol:

    what amazing self-restraint on the parents' part to get this picture!
  2. Yep, I have seen this one. I hope mom and dad are able to smile again! LOL!!!!
  3. leather couch, nice TV, beautiful (at one time) wood floors....
  4. OH. MY. GOD.

    I think I would have flipped. No, I know I would have flipped!

    I wanna flip now, lol!
  5. as a Mom all I can think of is "how in the world where those 2 babies alone long enough to do THAT much damage!?"

    Mine can get into trouble, but that's A LOT of trouble! Must've been alone for more than a few minutes! Can't blame the kids!
  6. OMG, hilarious! When I was in highschool, my boyfriend's little sister got into a canister of GREEN house-paint and had to be scrubbed with turpentine! Cute, thanks for sharing, Pippi.
  7. At least the parents had a sense of humor about it! The kids look like they are laughing:smile:
  8. if I did that when I was a kid, I would not be able to sit down to this day.
  9. Hahah that's admirable that the parents have enough humour to capture the moment instead of going off on a rampage. Who knows, maybe the house isn't theirs.. maybe it's the annoying neighbours house.
  10. OMG,,,,that's exactly what I thought! Having an almost 3 year old & 5 month old I know they must have been alone for a while to do this much damage! Hoooly Cow!! :wtf:
  11. My thoughts, too. and it made me thankful that I never had to deal with anything like that with my kids (though there was an incident with two sisters, some scissors and some VERY short bangs...:P)
  12. is that PAINT?!?


    i would have lost it....i would probably still be on a back road with the music too loud and the car going to fast trying to drive off my rage. heh. kudos to those parents, whoever they are. :smile:
  13. maybe their parents were stoned.
  14. Oh crap. I'd be yelling if they were my kids!
  15. That is too adorable...just made my day :lol:
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