Nothing like spontaneous purchases... a tiny REVEAL!

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  1. My LV collection is pretty modest. My first and only LV purchase was the Damier Ebene Speedy 30 that I got for my birthday last winter. Now that it's summer, I've been wanting something different... So while I drove past the LV store yesterday, I decided to hop in. I knew what I wanted and after a few minutes of deliberation, I got it!

    Hope you enjoy!

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  2. oooh... reveal!
  3. what is it??? show, show....:woohoo::wondering
  4. I'm ready!
  5. take it off take it all off!!!!!!!!lol
  6. does this help?

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  7. totally??
  8. I wanted something smaller, more appropriate for summer.

    These should definitely help... any guesses?

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  9. pochette accessoire???
  10. :nuts: A wallet!
  11. ohhh please show!
  12. mini pochette?
  13. this is taking toooo long i can't stand the suspense lol!!!!!!!!
  14. it's getting boring!
  15. i'm here:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop: