Nothing for August?

  1. I know most of us are on a self-imposed ban/hiatus until the new bags start coming in September. Even so, after the unending slew of new stuff in June and July, I find it hard to believe that absolutely nothing is coming out in August. It's not that I need to spend money. It's just that I've gotten really used to being bombarded with things like amarante fever, neverfull obsession and black denim dreaming.

    Anyone else feeling this way? And is there anything coming out in the US in August?
  2. I would love to now what is comeing in August aswell.
  3. Thank God!!!! don't you want to at least have a month to appreciate and use your June-July purchases?
  4. oh gosh....actually, I'm SOOOOO glad that there's nothing coming out in Aug....I need a (financial) breather from the past few months before I dive in head first on Sept 15 th !!!!!
  5. Time to save $$$$!!!
  6. Great month to save money! There may be some new scarves coming out...but I'm not 100% sure about that!
  7. I am saving this month. nothing I have to have. I will buy something in Sept for my b-day.
  8. I love to see the new items, but I need to save for the Griet! LOL!
  9. It's a good time to save!!!
  10. I think LV is actually trying to help all us addicts save up some money for our fall splurges!;)
  11. I think it's good to have a break it helps define the seasons rather than them all just mushing together
  12. Yeah, I feel huge withdrawals right now. I too felt that there was an unending slew of new bags coming out, but in a way I'm glad. I am going to be a lot more busy starting in August and it gives me some time to stow away some funds for the bags I'm really waiting for in a few months.
  13. savinggg time!
  14. I'l probably just get some shoes and clothes this month. :sweatdrop:
  15. Sigh...the longing and waiting!!!!