Nothing exciting in new LV catalogue

  1. Did you gals receive the new LV catalogue for Spring/Summer 06 with the scooter and the hat box on the cover? Its the online presentation on the LV website with the bags and the various retro transport vehicles like a scooter and skateboard.

    Its an interesting way to present the bag; very dunhill ads-inspired in a more playful and colorful way. The book is defn a keeper. However, nothing in the catalogue really excites me in a screaming-kinda way.

    Which bag in the book shouted out to you, "buy me, buy me!"
    Which is your fave photo?

    I like the old favorites: Alma and classic keepall. I dunno why the damiere keepall and speedies are interesting too.
  2. The Damier Speedies! :love:
  3. I got that catalogue, between my pilates moves I stare at it..I love the damier lines..
  4. I love the knightbridge! I always like framed doctors bag and the stamped "LV" along the leather is so different!
  5. I received it a couple days ago. I love the hatbox, but everything else I've already seen online, so there were no surprises.