Nothing Coach for Christmas

  1. So this year I got nothing Coach for christmas. But I guess that I shouldnt be to sad seeing as how I work for Coach and can get any bag I want anytime. And I didnt really tell my DH what I wanted, so he did the best he could. I got diamond earrings. But anyway I just needed to rant a bit.

    But on a good note I am getting the Thompson Hobo. I'm so excited to add to my Thompson Collection. I already have the Karee satchel, way before her price went down:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. I didn't really have a Christmas at all this year, and definitely no Coach, so I know how you feel and I'm sorry :heart: I was just really sad because nothing happened and it's our last one in the States for 2 more years! We'll be celebrating holidays in Iraq! :sad:

    Enjoy the thompson hobo! I'm trying to find a turquoise ergo hobo or tote as a Christmas gift to myself. lol
  3. I feel your pain my fiance told me I was banned from geting any coach this christmas because I work at an outlet by my parents home whenever we go visit them... and I tend to just buy what ever purse I want when ever I want. He said he wanted the present to be special. Oh well

  4. Yeah my little brother and sister are both over there until August of next year. It totally sucked because we are all extremely close. I miss them so much.

    And as for the Turquoise Ergo or Tote Ill keep my eye out. I am going to the outlet tomorrow. And If they have it I'll let you know.
  5. Diamond earrings are awesome!!!!
  6. Oh thank you thank you :heart: I made a thread about it. I am so kicking myself hardcore, I wanted it last year and was being a pennypincher and planning for my wedding and never got it - even though the color theme was turquoise with sunflowers! GRR!!!
  7. Aw, it's okay!! I didn't get any Coach for Christmas this year either... but that's because I'm still waiting for a good deal on the clay shoulder bag. When I find it, my bf wants to get it for me for my late Christmas gift. Haha.
  8. Yeah when my DH and I were planning our wedding I was a focused girl. All my thoughts went to.........I could buy this or I could do something extra for the wedding. We should totally share wedding pictures
  9. diamond earrings you are a lucky girl.
  10. Yeah, I can understand no coach for christmas if you work there! Get yourself a little something tomorrow, then you'll feel like it's a gift for the holidays since tomorrow is still technically part of the holiday season! LOL! And diamond earrings are awesome!

  11. OOO I really want that Thompson Hobo!!!!
  12. congrats on the earrings!

    Since you work at Coach the discount on that Thompson bag alone should make you smile! Did you participate in the gift exchange?
  13. Clay shoulder bag? OMG that's my dreammmmmmmmm bag too!!!:nuts:
  14. aw sorry candace that you didn't really have a Christmas at all.. I was in the same boat.. didn't feel like to celebrate Christmas.. We was planning to come back to California (I am in canada right now but used to live in US) but my 2 years old son's passport arrived late.. sort of ruin everything that we planned :crybaby:Anyhow, I didn't know you guys will be going to Irag soon. When will that be? Take care Candace!!:heart: and hope you can find your beloved turquoise ergo hobo.. I saw it at Seattle Premium outlet 3 weeks ago..:tup:
  15. Girl!!! diamond earrings are way too beautiful for Christmas!! Congrats :woohoo:
    and can't wait to see your new Thompson Hobo. What color are you getting? :p