nothing beats the smell of a new bbag...cinnamon pics

  1. so after my whole ordeal with the whacked out cinnamon city i got from aloharag, i finally decided to just get the twiggy instead. it came 1 day early (yay!) just in time for july 4th...and here she is. no defective handle holes and i do love the color--very deep & rich. pics with flash are not really a true representation of the color. it's super wrinkly in the back but that's ok with me. there are a few scratches on the strap rings (like there's some metal missing?) but i'll deal with it cuz it's certainly not worth the hassle sending it back. am i the only one who inspects their bags this closely? anyhoo...i love the smell that wafts out of the box when you open it...bbaglicious.
    IMG_0431.jpg IMG_0432.jpg IMG_0434.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!! I love the leather like that!!!! Perfection!!!! :tup:
  3. Congrats luv2eat! She is gorgeous! The color is amazing!
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. That Twiggy is gorgeous! I'm glad you were able to get a Cinnamon colored bag in great condition. Are you going to post some pics of you wearing the bag?

  6. What a beautiful twiggy! Would you say that cinnamon has a bronze undertone to it? Or is it more of a red/orange color? TIA!
  7. luv2eat, your name is most suitable (I luv 2 eat too, BTW). Just reading your post title made me SALIVATE!! Very clever and effective to combine "smell" and "cinnamon" in one line. I couldn't wait to open your thread, and the pics did not disappoint. I can practically smell cinnamon wafting up from his lovely nugget. :drool:


  8. I am glad that you got a bag that you :heart:. Cinnamon is such a great color - isn't it??!
  9. hi chuggie...the cinnamon twiggy (& city that i sent back) doesn't have any bronze or orange undertones whatsoever. up close it's definitely a deep dark chocolate but when you look at it from afar you can definitely see some deep red (i wanna say almost like maroon). the pics with flash makes it look rusty but it's not like that in real life. here are a few more pics. i'd say it looks closest to the 1st pic, but has way more depth & saturation.
    IMG_0437.jpg IMG_0436.jpg
  10. Omigosh, what smooshy, wonderful leather! Congrats!
  11. :nuts: I LOVE your beautiful Twiggy!!! The leather is divine!!! Enjoy!
  12. Truly beautiful! Congratulations!
  13. Wow!!

    I've been tryng to make up my mind about which style to get a cinnamon in, now I'm thinking twiggy!!

    Beautiful bag!!
  14. OMG, she's sooo yummy:drool::drool:

    I'm so glad that everything worked out and you're happy with your bag:heart:

    Congrats, she's so chewy!!!
  15. congrats! its so yummy! looks even better than my cafe! i want i want...

    how much was the twiggy from AR?