NOTHING beats a good pair of Choos!

  1. What do you think of my new Jimmy Choos? I think they are almost the perfect pumps (I just wish the heels were a teensy bit higher) -

    Andreas choo.jpg Andreas choo2.jpg
  2. i really like those good choice
  3. they are totally HOT.
  4. Woiw, those are freaking gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. Those are gorgeous!!!!!!! Congrats on the new Jimmy Choos!!!
  6. Very nice! Excellent choice!
  7. Lovely!
  8. hot! hot! hot!
  9. :heart: :heart: :heart: IT!!!!:yes:
  10. good choice- timeless!
  11. They are lovely!
  12. Hot Hot Hot!!!!!:love:
  13. Lovely. Congrats!
  14. Love 'em! Very hot!
  15. oh, those are HOT. i like these the best of all the shoes you've posted before.