Note to you lovely tokidoki owners!

  1. I encourage you all to please TAG your photographs with your names on any pictures you take to show off on the forum.

    I say this because on another forum I goto daily, they have a sell/trade forum (just like this) and I ran into this person that took SEVERAL pictures from you tokidoki owners threads and treaded them as her own and selling them as her own trying to scam people!

    I really hate to see innocent people getting scammed by stupid people. ><

    Thank you again~~ ^^;
  2. Thanks for the heads up!! I've just been quite lazy about it :sweatdrop: but I'll definitely do that now!

    It makes me mad to know that there are people out there that do such things! :cursing: Its just not right!
  3. omg...people nowdays! :tdown::wtf::nogood::cursing:

    i'll be sure to tag all my pictures from now on.
  4. i usually tag my photos for that reason :mad: evil people
  5. Thanks for the message! I bought something off eBay once that used someone else's pics so I really hate it when people do that. I used to be able to do it easy with photoshop, but since I don't have that anymore what could I use?
  6. All you need is to open the picture you wish to edit in to Microsoft Paint, and just open the text option with a clear background (all on the toolbar) and type your name. :biggrin:
  7. Thanks!
  8. hm... that is a good idea... I've just been kinda too lazy to do it but I should!!!
  9. Anyone know how to do it on a Mac? I'm too lazy to look it up *lol*.
  10. I think on a Mac, you can do it in preview. go to Tools when you have the image open and pick the text tool... I haven't done it myself since I have photoshop but it sounds about right!
  11. thanks for the head up! will do that from now on
  12. Grrrr! :mad: flippin' dishonest people! Thanks for letting us know that dishonesty is alive and well. I'll definitely tag my stuff from now on.
  13. Didn't work. The Text Tool is shaded gray and won't let me click on it. I'll have to figure it out sometime when I have more time.
  14. wow that's so shady! is it obvious or have they fooled people?