Note to self.... No more Bayswaters!

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  1. Ok so I tried to do something different. Ordered a willow in the sale. When it arrived and I opened I re-packed it immediately and it was on its way back to mulberry the following day.

    So hubby is travelling through Heathrow today. I ask him by text if there is a mulberry store in Terminal 5. He says yes but that he is not buying me a bag today.

    I wait a bit and then text ok but you know the bays I wanted didn't go in the sale and you could get the airport discount.

    He texts- I am not getting you a bag today. I am not carrying that around with me to my conference.

    Ok. Silence.

    I text do you know that they can post the bag to your address so you won't have to carry it around?

    No response.... I give up.

    Then another text. What is that bays you wanted?

    I text black small classic grain with soft gold hardware.

    No response. I sigh.

    Then about 10 min later another text. You should receive your bag in 3-5 days.

    Yay!!! Result. I phone to say how wonderful he is. Best hubby ever. This is my very last bays, yes the very last one (he says- ummmhmmm) and I will pay him back as soon as possible.

    So ladies my NINTH bays is on her way!

    Can't wait!
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  2. :amuse: You're too funny CP! Can't wait to see a pic when it arrives, guess it pays to stick to what works for you and clearly it's the bayswater. Bless your hubby doing that for you.
  3. You my dear are a master negotiator!! Congrats on your NINTH bays, I can't even imagine owning that many....obviously the gorgeous style works for you. Can't wait for your reveal!
  4. Hehehehe. He is a good hubby. And he spoils me although he doesn't like to admit that! :smile:
  5. It is my favourite style but I will not get a tenth! It is probably a bit ridiculous.
  6. You need to have 10, it's a nice round number....
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  7. If I did it would be neon blue!
  8. Your husband just couldn't say no to you CP. What a nice little story too, seems like your husband 'gets' your love of bays. Congrats, I look forward to the reveal.
  9. :smile: he is probably just fed up of me talking about it.
  10. Lovely story......look forward to your reveal in due course, CP! :smile:
  11. Just noticed your thread after reading your responses to mine, congratulations on your new Bayswater! Can't wait to see pictures of yours too, she sounds lovely x
  12. Very happy and excited for you! Can't wait to see it!
  13. Thanks ladies
  14. Congratulations on number nine. DH is going through Heathrow tomorrow, I think he needs to know this bit of information!
  15. Ooh what do you want to get?