Note to self: Don't go hunting with Cheney!

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  1. :lol: I couldn't help but laugh when I heard about this :shame: It says the man he shot is in stable condition, so at least he will be all right.
  2. :lol:
  3. LMAO

    The media and late night comedians are going to have a field day with this one !!!
  4. I saw that last night and had a huge chuckle at home.
  5. Omigoodness, this shouldn't be funny but it is. Do grown men really need to be playing w/ guns? Call me a total girl, but I just don't get it.
  6. What I found amusing was watching the White House Press Secretary have to face the press today - I'm sure there'll be a recap on the Daily Show tonight.
  7. Got the TiVo set to record it, since I'll be in bed by then :p
  8. I actually had a great laugh at this Sunday. As most of you know we got a lot of snow over the weekend here in the Northeast. I am in the Boston area and was watching the news Sun afternoon. All day long they were covering the storm. Interuppted the storm coverage to say that the vice president shot someone and then went right back to the storm coverage from a parking lot outside of Boston. Didn't give any details or anything.

    I found it quite amusing that the repeated coverage of the storm was more important than the VP shooting someone :smile:
  9. lol :lol::lol::lol: that is tooo funny plus you gotta love the tag line: DUCK ITS DICK! lol *shrugs* it just doesn't get much more hilarious
  10. When I was driving home this afternoon, they did a parody of the Aerosmith song-"Cheney's Got a Gun". It was hysterical.
  11. The friend has now had a heart attack whilei n the hospital.
  12. I saw the Daily Show episode about this and it was f-ing hilarious!