Note to all the subforum regulars

  1. Hey Everyone:

    I wanted to post a note here and let you know that I've been a bit MIA the past week. This is because my husband was in the hospital and had surgery. He'd been suffering from what we thought were migraines for about a month- he had a CT scan and the doc found nothing wrong so we assumed the problem was migraine related. Last Tues. things got worse and he ended up back at the ER and they did an MRI. Turns out he had a subdural hematoma and needed surgery Thursday to relieve the pressure on his brain. He's out of the hospital now and doing OK but it's been pretty scary. Just wanted you all to know that I hope to be back here this week posting more regularly and finding more interesting subjects for threads.


    PS: Some of you may remember reading that I was leaving for Paris tomorrow for a week, well obviously the trip is postponed but I am just thankful this crisis did not happen while I was away.
  2. Hope your DH gets well soon! Thinking of your family....
  3. Holy cow! I'm glad he's okay, Roo - what a scary thing to discover!
  4. Wow!

    I'm so happy that things were caught in time but bummed about your trip.

    Take care of DH and yourself!
  5. Wow, glad you all found out what was wrong! And I hope for his continuing recovery!
  6. Glad you're back Roo, and I hope your husband is doing well.
  7. Roo, I wish your husband a quick and eventless recovery. The best to you both. Take care of yourselves!!!
  8. Dear Roo.. sending my thoughts and prayers to your DH and family. I wish him a speedy recovery. Hang in there..
  9. Thanks everyone! :heart:
  10. OMG! Roo I am so sorry this happened. Thank God he is ok & doing well. It must have been so scary! Sorry you had to postpone your trip but I'm sure you are happy that he is ok. So glad this didn't happen when you were away!
  11. Oh that is scary, hope your husband gets well soon !!! big hugs.
  12. Roo I'm very sorry to hear this. My mother had a serious accident in August and also had a subdural hematoma. She was very close to surgery but did not need it. I hope your DH gets well soon. Please PM me if you have any questions or want to talk to someone. (((hugs)))
  13. Glad to hear that DH is doing better *hugs*
  14. Roo,
    Your one of the first people here that welcomed when when I came out of "the shadows of the lurkers." My heart goes out to you and your husband, and I glad the news is turning up good. You were definitely missed, but take all the time you need to take care of yourself as well as your husband. Although we miss you, your family and your own health (can't imagine the stress)is more important. Blessings to you:heart:
  15. Prayers to you and your husband, Roo!