Note: Fyi

  1. Just to keep you updated from here on out...anything that is not "directly Hermes related" should not be placed in a thread here.

    For example: a birthday greeting needs to be in General Discussion. Some have been in our subforum before, but as of now they need to be placed in the appropriate section. I know that many of us only frequent this section, but I have been informed that this is the way it needs to be from now on. That would include any other celebration threads (new job, promotion, baby etc....unless of course it comes with a new Hermes bag!:yahoo: ) that do not relate to Hermes.

    If you are unsure about your thread and if it should be placed in Hermes...just pm Jag or Kellybag.
  2. poo.

    just what i needed -- ANOTHER reason for hermes acquisitions:
    • i bought a new agenda because i can't believe my idiot boss __________;
    • i bought a new scarf and noticed that my hands are really dry -- anybody have advice?
    • i bought a new bag because i'm depressed and thinking about a new carreer -- any advice on how to do a resume?
    yeah -- i know that won't really fly . . . but don't think it won't keep me from making purchases anyway.
  3. The celebration threads usually do come with Hermes goodies!!
  4. ^^ yes...agree. How come Rose and I got shifted to General Discussion Forum and other Bdays are still here at Hermes. Thanks hermesgroupie for thinking of us!:wlae:
  5. Sorry for anyone who isn't feeling the best about this.

    The other birthdays were here and have been for a little bit. The mod who moved the newest ones must not have seen the others as they continue to drop in the threads. It was not that some were chosen to be moved and others were cause trouble or make a statement. It is just the way it happened. Again, I am sorry.

    If a birthday or milestone celebration comes with a Hermes goodie by all means start a thread. If it is just words of good wishes, then you know where it now needs to go.
  6. ^^ problems. I think that I am just in a pissy mood after my bday. Thanks for explaining it all.
  7. I know what you is tough once the birthday just passes.
  8. Well, Rose, lovehermes, drop some pics of those gifts and we can pick the party up again!
  9. ok hermesgroupie...I'm waiting for two scarves and they should be here today or tomorrow.
  10. There you go!!!^^
  11. I have to take a pic of my new plisse scarf and scarf ring that my DD (who is only 5) picked up for me and I will post them soon too.:heart:

    ps- Hope you had a great B'day Kou!!