Note from my Louis Vuitton SA

  1. The Good:
    I received a "Happy Belated Birthday" card from my SA yesterday.:biggrin:

    The Bad:
    Someone tore off the envelope flap to see what was inside. I don't know if it was done in transit or not! I'm so :censor: off!

    Do SA's usually just send notes? Would she have sent something else worth stealing that I should contact Louis Vuitton about? I don't want to contact them if it is not necessary.

    I'm definately filing a complaint with the US Postal Inspector. :mad:
  2. Happy belated Birthday! :flowers: hee hee

    Maybe you can casually mention it the next time you see your SA. If there was something else in there besides a card he'll let you know.
  3. Yeah, I wonder if the postal worker thought maybe there was a gift card or store credit slip inside and tore into it. Can't trust the mail!
  4. or call the SA up and tell her thanks for the card. she'll you if there's something else in there.
  5. Hold on...before you "jump all over" a postal work, don't rule out the possibility that it may have been opened by an LV representative. And it may not necessarily have been opened for "shifty" motives - eg, the person who sent the letter may have thought he/she made a mistake about something and opened the letter again to doublecheck before sending it out. I'm not saying that this is fact, but don't rule out that possibility.

    LV has mailed me cards, notes, and invitations, and I have never encountered any opened/re-sealed envelopes.

    Lastly, LV does not mail any discount cards.
  6. In this situation the envelope was clearly tampered with. They peeled one side then the just completely ripped the envelope flap off.

    USPS has guidelines for items damaged or opened during shipment. They have a department that will seal the correspondence in a plastic bag w/an explanation (both of my parents work for USPS).

    This is good to know. I would have hated to burden Louis Vuitton with this issue for which they have no control over.

    :mad: What angers me is that it's against Federal Law to tamper/open mail that does not belong to you. Yet there seems to be no way to trace these actions.:mad: