Notation in listings to VERO

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  1. In the past I have seen auctions with a note to VERO ~ does anyone use this? Is it worth it? What type of note do you put in your listing?

  2. A note saying what? "My stuff isn't fake, so don't take my auction down!!"?
  3. If the item you are selling is what you say it is there should be no need for a 'note to VERO'. The only people that really put that is when they are selling something fake and don't want the listing to be removed as they will be stuck with it then.

    VERO will remove anything they want to with or without a note.
  4. ok. That is what i thought. I do see it in auctions though and never was sure. Linda
  5. Thats not true at all. I put it in almost all my auctions of high end items and so do a whole bunch of sellers. I think it does have an effect (even if a small one) on whether your auction is taken down, especially when reported by a rival. Infact, I was first suggested to do when I did a live chat after Vero removed one of my listings.
  6. I agree. I've never sold anything fake and I use it too. I don't know if it helps, but it definately doesn't automatically mean something is fake.
  7. Yes I use it as well and have never had an auction pulled.

    I post:

    Vero, please do not delete my listing. THis is my personal handbag, and I only have this one.
    I have the receipt and will provide if necessary.
  8. Why would you say that?